My name is Bong and I absolutely love DIY! I've always been a creative person whether it was making clothes, making sculptures, or making my dream home. More than DIY, I love teaching people how to DIY. My mission is to empower people - especially women - to pick up power tools and create the home of their dreams. I want them to feel that sense of satisfaction from creating something with their own hands. There's nothing quite like it.

I'm married to the most kind and patient man, TJ. You'll see him a lot on Instagram and Tiktok making me laugh... or roll my eyes. He's fine with either. We have been together for like a million years and we have three beautiful, but messy, kids together. My family is my biggest support and have cheered me on always believing in me. 

I truly hope you leave here feeling ready to tackle that new project or at least with some knowledge you didn't have before.

Hi, new friends!

XO, Bong

When I was 14 I got lost on a lake when my jetski ran out of gas. I was lost for four hours and it was the scariest time of my young life. Spoiler alert: I was eventually found by authorities. 

I'm not afraid of snakes or spiders and if I find them in my house, I'll pick them up and take them outside. But mice? They terrify me and they all need to die.

I was born on a fishing boat when my parents escaped Vietnam.

Fun Facts: